Physical Assets Metaverse

Brands, Artists and other Creators can easily manage the full life-cycle of NFTs for physical or digital assets.
Customers can verify the authenticity of the NFT and redeem the physical item.

Precio offers a full-service Physical NFT management and marketplace solution.

Why Precio?

Create NFTs

We mint NFTs for physical or digital assets according to Brand preferences and with full ownership and control by the brand. We integrate with your inventory and storage to create authentic and verifiable NFTs.

Listing NFTs

Precio provides integrated whitelabel NFTs marketplace for brands or lists the NFTs on leading general marketplaces. We can embed our solution directly under your domain for a seamless user experience.

Fraud prevention

Potential buyers can verify the authenticity of the items which are securely stored with our partners or our global partner custodian by using our online Verification Portal.

Trade or Redeem

Buyers can trade the NFTs digitally, with partner Brands receiving payment for each trade in the secondary market.
Buyers can also redeem the physical item using our Redeem Service, powered by global logistics partner.

How it works?

Step 1 : Streamlined onboarding Our representative will map partners needs, propose relevant services and make adjustments to reflect each brands preferences. Our revenue model is fully aligned with helping you to maximize your audience reach and your item selling price

Step 2: Become our trusted partner To protect the creators reputation and future clients the company will perform detailed KYC on the partner. Procedures to protect the authenticity of items will be put in place.

Step 3: Minting, Listing and Redeem Precio will handle all the minting and listing of NFTs according to Brands preferences and using the selected marketplace (whitelabel or generic). The procedure of shipping items to buyer that wish to redeem will also be established.

Unlock the potential of NFTs

Value to our trusted partners: Digital certification is replacing paper certificates Fraud prevention of branded goods by using digital authentication Selling NFTs provides direct revenue and increases brand awareness Capture value from secondary market transactions e adjustments to reflect each brands preferences.

Brand customers benefit as well: Customers can own digital twins - both physical and digital branded goods Peace of mind regarding assets authenticity Easily monetize items Projecting wealth to the digital world

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